Restylane Kysse™: The Game-Changing, Natural Feeling Lip Filler

Written By Lauren Cardone, APRN, Owner, Revitalize Medspa & Skincare Center

If you’ve longed for plumper, smoother lips, Restylane Kysse™ lip fillers are the most natural way to increase the size of your pout while being minimally invasive with no recovery time. Collagen and fat are lost as our bodies age, which leads to thickness and sagging of the face, and the lips are no exception. Lip fillers work by temporarily replacing this lost collagen and fat. Read on to learn more about the newest and longest lasting lip filler on the market and why Restylane Kysse™ is the perfect lip filler.

What is so special about Restylane Kysse™?

Restylane Kysse™ is the first lip hyaluronic acid gel to use XpressHAn technology. The unique cross-linking of the hyaluronic acid molecules in Kysse gives it the perfect balance of structure and flexibility making it perfect for adding definition to the border and achieving a perfect, natural-looking pout. When you talk, smile, or laugh, the filler softly bends and flexes with your tissue, naturally becoming one with your lips.

How Long Does Restylane Kysse™ Last?

Lip filler longevity depends on a few factors. Depending on your metabolism, how much volume was placed, and what product is used, the average patient sees their enhanced lips last 6-8 months or more! Because our lips move more often than other facial features, lip filler typically does not last as long as less mobile areas like tear troughs or cheeks. However, due to XpresHAn technology in Kysse, it does take longer for the body to break it down, which means your lips look more beautiful longer than with many other traditional lip fillers. Not only was Kysse designed specifically for the lips, but patients are reporting that their results have lasted up to a year!

Restylane vs. Juvéderm For Lips

Today’s dermal fillers offer us a variety of ways to add volume, soften vertical lips lines, and present the perfect pout. Because there are so many choices, it’s common for patients to ask which filler is the best?

To compare and contrast these fillers, we first need to recognize their similarities. Both Restylane and Juvéderm offer products that beautifully enhance the lips. Restylane is well known for Silk and now Kysse, whereas Juvéderm is recognized for Volbella XC and Ultra Plus XC. Both Juvéderm and Restylane products contain hyaluronic acid, and they both also contain lidocaine to ease discomfort during the procedure.

However, the differences of each brand lie in the unique formula specifically designed for the lips. Juvéderm and Restylane differ in how the HA is cross-linked, which alters the characteristics of the gel produced. Two critical properties of a gel dermal filler are its G prime and its viscosity. G prime refers to the structural durability of the filler. Like Juvederm Ultra Plus, fillers with higher G prime can enhance the lips and create shape to areas such as the cupids bow. Fillers with lower G primes, such as Restylane Kysse, are softer, spread through tissues easier, and better move with the face.

At Revitalized Medspa, our expert injector, Lauren Cardone, APRN prides herself in providing the most natural enhancement possible. This patient was “Kyssed” in her upper and lower lips for natural lip enhancement. She was hoping to look like “herself” only “fresher.”

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