Aesthetics, Relaxation, and Personal Development in Venice, Florida

Find Your Balance. Free Your Mind

Our unique blend of beauty, relaxation and wellness services can help you transform into your best self, physically, mentally,  and emotionally. Allow us to balance your mind, beautify your body, and restore your soul through the application of proven techniques available at Empathea.


Where Balance Between Aesthetics, Relaxation,
Personal Development, and Wellness Meet

At Empathea, you will discover your fullest potential to re-design your path to a better you. We believe in you in successfully transforming yourself through a clear mind, inner peace, and acceptance. We are here with you to help you let go of everything that is not good for your overall wellness. So, relax, heal, and beautify yourself with relaxation and wellness options at Empathea.


Feel and look your best with our aesthetics services, where you can choose from a variety of beauty treatments to reveal a natural, younger-looking you.

Teeth Whitening

Flash your pearly white teeth and have a confidently beautiful smile wherever you go with our professional teeth whitening performed by our experts.

Massage Therapy

Enjoy a therapeutic experience with a variety of classic and specialized massage techniques performed by skilled and experienced massage therapists.

IV Nutrition

Be the healthiest version of yourself by getting the nutrients you need, whether you’re suffering from dehydration, chronic health issues, and immune deficiencies.

Personal Development

Get the support you need from our personal coaches and therapists to find your fullest potential, achieve your goals, and create a healthier lifestyle.

Bioenergetics & Wellness

Harness your energy from within and achieve an optimal state of peace and relaxation while managing your mental illnesses, such as anxiety and phobia.


Have a healthier relationship with food while achieving your health and fitness goals with our nutritional diets for healthy weight loss and Fast Mimicking Diet.

Medspa Services Venice FL

Elevate Your Physical, Mental,
and Emotional Wellbeing

At Empathea, we specialize in total transformations from the inside and out. We see you as a whole, from your soul to your physical appearance, allowing us to understand and find the best solutions to your concerns. However, there is so much more than what you see in yourself, and we are here to make you realize the full potential that can lead you to the person you want to be and the life you want to live.

Experience a Holistic Approach to
Aesthetics, Relaxation, and Personal Transformation

At Empathea, we will help you create healthy energy flow in your mind and body, contributing to a better personal transformation. Whether you need to address beauty-related concerns or mental issues, our experts are always here to help you whenever you are ready to begin your journey. You will never feel alone during your transformation — that’s our promise to you. Book an appointment today!