What is a Hydrafacial? The Hydrafacial Explained

What is a Hydrafacial?

It is a facial with a powerful upgrade–it’s essentially a peel, microdermabrasion, and hydrating mask in one. But unlike a typical facial performed by hand, it’s done using a medical-grade device that pulls debris out of your pores, while also moisturizing and exfoliating. The treatment can take between 30-45 minutes with the goal of delivering deep cleansing, powerful exfoliation, and intense infusion of serum into the skin. The HydraFacial requires no downtime. In fact, your complexion will likely look better walking out the door.

The three steps to a Hydrafacial:

  1. STEP ONE: Cleanse and Peel. This is the resurfacing step, when skin is exfoliated, leaving the skin brighter, unclogging pores, and — with long-term use — increasing collagen production. This is all done with the HydraFacial tip. The tip creates a fluid vortex over the skin that gently removes impurities and dead skin cells.
  2. STEP TWO: Extract and Hydrate. The tip on the HydraFacial gets the gunk out of the pores and delivers topical moisturizers simultaneously.
  3. STEP THREE: Boost and Protect. The final step of the treatment is a “booster,” or serum. Depending on your individual skin goal, the boosters address specific issues such as fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration or brown spots, aging skin and uneven skin tone. The treatment is entirely customizable through these “boost” serums. What will be best for you is a conversation we will have at your appointment.

Who should get a Hydrafacial?

Everyone can benefit from a Hydrafacial! One of the biggest draws is that a HydraFacial treatment is suitable for virtually any age and skin type as a deep cleaning of the skin However, people with dullness, fine lines, pigmentation, acne, blackheads, clogged pores, and reddened skin tend to benefit the most from these treatments. The goal of a Hydrafacial is to improve the appearance of the skin giving patients younger, more rejuvenated looking skin. No recovery time is associated with a Hydrafacial treatment. Some patients experience redness and tightness for up to an hour after the procedure, however this should not impede normal activity.

What is the difference between the Signature Hydrafacial and the Platinum Hydrafacial?

Our Signature Hydrafacial is our “basic cleanout”. The treatment is delivered between 25-30 minutes and includes deep cleansing, light peel, extractions, and serum infusions. This helps unclog pores and brighten dull skin.

A Platinum Hydrafacial includes the aforementioned steps of a Signature Hydrafacial in addition to a targeted therapeutic serum and 8 minutes of LED light therapy. The additive serums are tailored to skin concerns such as pigmentation, redness, and fine lines.

At Revitalize Medspa & Skincare Center, we carry the full line of Hydrafacial MDZO Skin Health medical grade therapeutic serums which provide powerful results for our Hydrafacial clients. LED blue light therapy tightens pores and fine lines while the LED red light therapy helps to unclog sebaceous acne producing glands.

How often should I get a Hydrafacial?

We counsel our clients to come back between 5-6 weeks for their next session. In addition to the treatment options available at Revitalized Medspa & Skincare Center, you can also extend the results of your procedures with us in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Medical-grade skin care products provide numerous benefits for your skin, including exfoliation and keeping it hydrated between your appointments. We will recommend skin care products based on your skin type and needs.

The HydraFacial is an exceptional treatment when performed alone in our office. However, you can add procedures to the mix that increase your overall satisfaction and skincare goals. When you come in for your consultation, Lauren will help you devise a treatment plan based on your concerns and your aesthetic goals. She will let you know which treatments are safe to do with a HydraFacial and the best order of procedures to achieve an optimal outcome. To learn more about your choices, contact Revitalized Medspa & Skincare Center today.

How can I eliminate wrinkles?

Botox injections are a common request with the HydraFacial. Botox does not compromise your ability to create natural expressions but does produce a more youthful appearance that often lasts up to three or four months. If you opt for a Botox treatment on the same day as your HydraFacial, it is best to do the facial first.

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