Rosacea: What Is it and Do I Have it?

By Lauren Cardone, APRN, Owner, Revitalize Medspa & Skincare Center

Rosacea is a frustrating, irritating skin condition that’s often mistaken for “sensitive skin.” Rosacea is much more than that a simple sensitivity. Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that affects the face. Correctly treating rosacea is critical, as the condition will worsen without treatment. Rosacea affects 16 million people in America yet in polls taken by the National Rosacea Society. 95% of patients know little about the condition and 47% have never heard of it. Although rosacea most often affects women over age 30 with fair skin, it can occur in anyone. Bottom line, most people coming to the medspa don’t know they have it. We want to educate you on the common signs and symptoms, share treatments available, and reputable online resources for more information.

What Are the Symptoms of Rosacea?

Fair-skinned people seem to be more prone to rosacea, with facial flushing in the central area of your face (cheeks and nose) a primary symptom. This occurs when the capillaries under the skin become over-reactive. A secondary symptom is skin thickening or irregular texture usually found around the nose, but can also be around the chin, forehead, eyes, or eyelids. If you have at least general redness in the central area of your face that lasts throughout the day this is considered sufficient to diagnose rosacea, according to the most up to date classification system published.  The pattern of symptoms is different for everyone. Scientists don’t fully understand the causes for rosacea, but several treatments are very effective in relieving symptoms.

How Can Rosacea Be Treated?

Treatments for rosacea are as varied as the patients themselves. We will work with you to customize treatment options specific to your condition, including home-care as well as office visits. The treatments are easy, noninvasive, and you will start seeing results almost immediately.

For in office treatments for moderate to severe cases of rosacea, we use our industry leading laser system for an IPL photofacial. A photofacial refers to a set of skin treatments that use a form of light-based technology to help treat broken capillaries that cause skin redness, and assist in boosting collagen in the skin. At Revitalize Medspa & Skincare Center in Old Saybrook, we use the ICON Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, photofacial. This is a monthly treatment which focuses solely around the inflammatory areas on your face. It is a quick treatment (about 10 minutes total), offers minimal discomfort, and is tailored to each patient’s skin type and tone with variations made monthly based on your symptoms.  An IPL laser treatment can reduce or even completely clear redness on your face with long-lasting results. It combines the use of a laser and a topical gel, and it works best in a series of treatments.

For in office treatments for minimal/light cases of rosacea, we utilize our massively popular Hydrafacial MD system. This treatment pulls away the thickened uneven skin cells and extracts built up sebum and oil inside deeply clogged pores. The added specialty step is the addition of clinical grade ZO Skin Health Rozatrol serum infused into inflammatory areas to cool off redness prior to the final antiox serum aka the liquid gold. For optimal results, this is performed in two separate sessions.

After determining the appropriate treatment, we also start you on a skin health care regimen with tailored goals in mind for rosacea. Our goal is to cut down sebum production, and even out your skin tone to decrease inflammation. Acne typically is seen with moderate to severe rosacea, so we will recommend products to clean out clogged pores and decrease oil production. We have our prescription grade gold-star skin strengthening cream Rozatrol which targets inflammation, redness, skin structure, and barrier function. Whether your rosacea is mild or severe, it can improve with the right skin care treatments and products.

Successful treatment of rosacea requires a collaborative effort between you and your skincare professional . Combined with your own specialized skin care routine at home, solutions from our medical skin care center can give your skin the appearance you desire. Our experienced team at Revitalize Medspa & Skincare Center in Old Saybrook, CT understands the complexities of rosacea. We can help restore the clarity and beauty of your delicate skin using our IPL Photofacial, hydrafacials, and professional skincare products, as well as determine the best ways for you to care for your rosacea on a daily basis. Contact us at (860) 391-8821 for your complimentary rosacea treatment consultation. We look forward to helping you feel and look your best.

Lifestyle Changes to Manage Rosacea

The key to soothing rosacea is finding the triggers that cause skin sensitivity and redness. The following are some precautions you can take to avoid a rosacea flair up:

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Avoid products that contain: alcohol, menthol , witch hazel, and exfoliating agents
  • Avoid eating spicy foods
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages

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